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Attakus : Millennium Falcon & Death Star Hall Metal Diaroma

Let's fire away with one of my favorite piece in my collection, Millenium Falcon & Death Star Hall Diaroma. We all remember the escape scene of Han Solo, Luke, Leia and droids in ' A New Hope '. In this massive diaroma, Attakus takes us back into time brings one of the most remarkable scene in to our house. I still remember the night this baby arrived. It came with 4 big boxes total. Cost me a vase while carrying it upstairs :) No matter what it costs, after placing it on a table and looking at it from the door of your room, makes you satisfy more than you ask for.

The Falcon and Death Star are made of Metal and it's very heavy. So, it'S risky to carry it by yourself. I have taken some photos of my Falcon at the office. I know it's very dusty and looks like,no care is taken. The only reason to that is ı do not allow anyone to clean it, not even get close to it :) The best solution could be an acrylic case. For a size like this one, there is no doubt that it's gonna be costly.

Attakus produced 4'' ( 10cm. ) metal figures such as;
Darth Vader, Obi Wan Kenobi, r2-d2, c-3po and 4 different stormtroopers to fit in the diaroma. Han Solo, Leia, Chewy and Luke are still on pre-order. These metal figures may look small but they are very heavy and they all have a certificate of limited edition authenticity.The stormtroopers, r2 and c-3po look really good and real despite the fact that they are really small. The market price for these metal figures goes around 60-90 euros on ebay.

Now let me tell you about my experiences with Attakus Mf. I displayed it in two different places, my house and lastly my office. The inside of the Falcon is designed with every little detail. Especially the pilot booth is amazing. Attakus appointed 10 artisants for the Millenium Falcon project. The main Sculptor started the job and worked alone for over six months. Rest of the team joined him progressively until finishing the prototype, which they spent more than a year developing. It truely gives you the felling that you are actually inside the Falcon. I must admit that I wish the other half of the Falcon would be there too. Still,
Attakus was very brave enough to start up a line like this one and I hope they keep it up.

Now so far, we know that the next diaroma will be the
Dagobah Scene with X-Wing, Yoda, Luke, Vader, R2 and the rest of the environment. Lets take a look at the sneek peeks. The release date for Dagobah Environemnt was said to be late 2006 or beginning of 2007. But we haven't heard anything from Attakus yet. I can't wait to see Dagobah and how will they do the lake effect ?

My overall review, is that Attakus Falcon is a museum piece and it's ultimate end for a Star Wars collector. If you are interested in getting one, there are two ways. You can either go online and order it through a licensed retailer or you can buy it from the Attakus distributor of your own country, like I did.

Official Attakus Website Sale
measures: 68"L x 26.5"W x 17.5"H. ( 179cm. lenght ), ( 44cm. width )
weight: 150kg.
Limited to : 148/400
Retail Price: 2400 € + plus shipping and taxes
Grade: 9/10
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Anonymous said...

Great photos of possibly one of the most ambitious and arguably the best (in my opinion) Star Wars collecables out there. 3 years on and i still fantasize about getting this piece.

I do think that it could have done with more figures though as you were pretty limited in your display options.

It may take a while, but this will be mine. :)